Condemning the Government’s Attempt to Distort Facts around Sheikh Imran Abdulla’s Conviction

Condemning the Government’s Attempt to Distort Facts around Sheikh Imran Abdulla’s Conviction

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Condemning the Government’s Attempt to Distort Facts around Sheikh Imran Abdulla’s Conviction

Male’, Maldives – 21 February 2016. – Adhaalath Party condemns the government’s despicable attempt to distort facts around Sheikh Imran Abdulla’s conviction, linking the case to extremism. The conviction of Adhaalath Party Leader Sheikh Imran Abdulla on terrorism charges through a highly politicized sham of a trial does not include a speck of justice in it. The trial, conducted in contradiction to Islamic Sharia, the Constitution, International Conventions and set precedents, was carried out to advance President Yameen’s apparent intent to eliminate all political opponents. This is apparent from speeches delivered by the President himself and senior government officials on several occasions.

The conviction and a lengthy prison sentence on Sheikh Imran Abdulla sends out alarming signals that the country has fallen back to its era of autocracy and despotism. It is a clear warning as to how the government would react to anyone who tries to voice out on President Yameen’s tyranny, corruption and embezzlement of state funds. Furthermore, Adhaalath Party views the conviction of Sheikh Imran Abdulla as a clear threat in particular, to religious scholars who would stand against the manner in which the government is handling state affairs.

Sheikh Imran Abdulla is a brave and daring leader; a tireless contributor to the reform process of the country, who has gathered the love and support of thousands of people across the country. Furthermore, his undaunted efforts to stand against tyranny and rights violation has been accepted and welcomed internationally. Adhaalath Party views the government’s repeated attempts of creating fear in the international community by linking extremism to Shiekh Imran’s unjust conviction for simply exercising his constitutional right to freedom of expression, as smear campaigns and counterproductive. International community and the public are aware of links between the government and criminal gangs and people who hold extreme ideologies.

Adhaalath Party views that the government’s quick but failed attempt at justifying the conviction of Sheikh Imran Abdulla, in itself invalidates its claim that the judiciary is free from political influence. We also note that the sentence does not refer to any evidence presented by the counsels from either side, clearly indicating prefabrication of the sentence.

Thus, we condemn and call on the government to stop its efforts to distort facts around Shiekh Imran Abdulla’s unjust conviction, as the public and international community are vigilant over the government’s continued abuse of the judiciary to ruthlessly suppress any political opposition. This is evident from the call on the government by various international bodies, to free Sheikh Imran Abdulla unconditionally.

Adhaalath Party takes this opportunity to ensure our members, supporters and the general public that we will strengthen ties with all international partners to free Sheikh Imran Abdulla, advocate and stand against the government’s gross abuse of powers to suppress political opposition.

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